Vectrexagon - free download coming this Christmas!

As an early Christmas present, Vectrexagon is now available as a free binary download.
Perfect for those who want to give it a spin in an emulator before ordering the cartridge!

C64ColQuiz - another free C64 game

C64ColQuiz a 4kb game for all real C64 geeks!

Spaceman Splorf - new C64 game available for free download

Spaceman Splorf - Planet of Doom has been developed in cooperation with Pond Software

Vectrexagon - new game for Vectrex

Vectrexagon is a brand new game for the Vectrex console (1982).

MazezaM - free web game released

MazezaM is a new free puzzle game that can be played directly in your browser.

SameGame 2 named one of top 10 free games

Swedish gadget magazine M3 issue #5 listed SameGame 2 as one of the top ten free mobile phone games in the world!
The article noted that SameGame has almost reached the same legendary status as Tetris, and is second to none when it comes to addicting gameplay.

Sycorax Episode 1 released!

Sycorax - Episode 1 - this fantastic looking shoot'em'up game can be downloaded for free. Get your copy and start blasting away the alien scum!

SameGame 2 - a big summer hit!

SameGame 2 reached a top-position in the list of this summers most popular games on mobile gaming site
The cooperation between Greystripe (the company behind GameJump) and SDW Developments has proven to be a big success.

"We love working with SDW developments as they continue to excel in creating exciting and popular titles that our firm Greystripe distributes.
SDW's title SameGame2 was ranked as one of the most popular downloads for Greystripe in the Summer of 2007.
Few companies understand the mobile consumer like SDW."

Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe.

Viking Vex - free download now!

Viking Vex is now available as a free download. This is the full version, with all levels, music and more!
Head on over to the Viking Vex page for more information.

SameGame 2 - free download!

SameGame 2 - an addictive puzzle game which you can now download for free, thanks to in-game advertising.