Make your way to the goal by pushing the rows of gems around. Each row of gems of the same color is connected and can only by moved around horizontally.


There are many options to controlling you player, either by keyboard (up/left/down/right, W/A/S/D or I/J/K/L) or for touch-screen user, press the arrow icons at the top of the play area or press the playing area around the player to move. If you have managed to get yourself into an unsolvable position, just press the 'reset' button at the top to give it another try!

Bonus stars

Try to make it to the goal in as few moves as possible to earn a bronze, silver or gold star. A gold star means that you solved the level in the fewest moves possible!


MazezaM uses cookies to store your result, so that when you return to play again, it will remember your best records. However note that if you do a 'remove private data/cookies' in your browser, this data will be lost.
© 2010 SDW Developements.
Programming by Andreas Gustafsson.
Game graphics by John Arnst.
MazezaM logo by Martin Sagerstrand.

MazezaM game concept and levels by Malcolm Tyrrell.

Version history:
1.2 (2010-12-31) Fixed unnecessary prompt when selecting "level menu" after completing a level.
1.1 (2010-12-02) Fixed bug with level 27.
1.0 (2010-10-16) Initial release.

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